Miller Dynasty 300 Series

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  • Simple and Clear interface with a 4.5″ LCD to make the machine easy to understand and ensure the machine is easily and properly set up
  • On-board memory system which allows you to save your favourite welding pre-sets.
  • Locks & Limits which helps to control weld parameters to reduce any deviations.
  • Quite Pulse feature to reduce noise.
  • MIG/MAG Mode which allows the operator to attach a suitcase feeder from the power source.
  • Cooler Power Supply 120-volt integrated into the machine dedicated for the Coolmate 1.3.
  • AC TIG Features. Balance controls to allow dine tuning to improve directional control of the arc.
  • DC TIG features for an exceptionally smooth and precise arc especially useful when welding exotic materials.
An Image of the Miller Dynasty 300 Series TIG Machine.
Miller Dynasty 300 Series
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